Broden have 4 widgets sidebars where you can add widgets:

  • Category Sidebar in home page
  • Main Sidebar in home page lates posts
  • Single Sidebar in single page
  • Footer Sidebar with 3 column

Go to Appearance > Widgets
Move widgets from left "Available Widgets" block to right sidebar that you want to use to add it to display in theme
Move widgets from right sidebars block to left "Available Widgets" block to remove it from display in theme

Broden have 6 Special Widgets for your blog that improve default WordPress widgets functionality, we recommend you to use this widgets instead of default:

  • Advertisiment Widget: Allows you to place ads banner.
  • Social Widget: This widget will display social media icons of your choosing from a variety of popular networks.
  • Latest Posts Widget: Displays new posts.
  • Popular Posts Widget: Displays popular posts.
  • Category Slider Widget: Displays posts from specific category.
  • Instagram Widget: Allows you to display your latest Instagram photos.